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My Zoo Vet Practice 3D

Game Icon My Zoo Vet Practice 3D

Love those wild animals! What do you do when a giraffe has a sore throat or if a penguin’s got a fever? In the Nintendo 3DSTM game "My Zoo Vet Practice 3D" in the Nintendo eShop, players slip into the role of a young up-and-coming vet who takes care of zoo animals from all over the world.

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My Pet School 3D

Game Icon My Pet School 3D

A dream job for young animal lovers: Players help animal owners in training their darling pets. In the development and care simulation "My Pet School 3D" they can teach four-legged friends and birds amusing tricks and prepare them for important examinations, so they can become proud and faithful companions, whether as a guide dog or a film star.

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Best Friends – My Horse 3D

Game Icon My Horse 3D

Saddle up and play! Horse fans, big and small, will certainly enjoy the horse care and riding simulation “Best Friends – My Horse 3D” in the Nintendo eShop: they look after their favourite animals and win exciting tournaments together.

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My Life on a Farm 3D

Game Icon Farm 3D

The farm simulation "My Life on a Farm 3D" in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS is all about getting down to work on a proper farm:the players harvest fruit and vegetables, produce and sell their own food products and also look after lots of adorable farm animals.  

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Riding Star 3D

Game Icon Riding Star 3D

Ride like a champion: “Riding Star 3D” is a realistic riding simulation in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS™. Players train their horse in Show Jumping, Dressage and Military disciplines and take part in exciting tournaments.

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Horse Vet 3D

Game Icon Horse Vet 3D

Treating horses on the Nintendo 3DS™! Examining and healing sick horses – the simulation “Horse Vet 3D” in the Nintendo eShop makes it possible. Players have to build up their own veterinary practice dedicated to horses and then steer it to success.



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Top Model 3D

Game Icon Top Model 3D

The glittering world of fashion on the Nintendo 3DS™: “Top Model 3D”. The fashion model simulation from TREVA Entertainment for the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS lets young girl players see if they have the talent and ambition to become an internationally successful supermodel.


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Outback Pet Rescue 3D

Game Icon Outback Pet Rescue 3D

Vet assignment in Australia: “Outback Pet Rescue 3D” is an animal care simulation for the Nintendo 3DS™, available through the Nintendo eShop. Players embark on a journey of exploration Down Under and experience exciting adventures in the Australian animal kingdom.


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Me & My Pets 3D

Game Icon Me & My Pets 3D

The new Nintendo 3DS  game "Me & My Pets 3D" from TREVA Entertainment in the Nintendo eShop, lets players organise an optimum care programme for large and small pets. Challenging tasks and many different kinds of animals await young animal lovers in this pet care simulation.

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Me & my furry patients 3D

Game Icon Me & my furry patients 3D

A consultation at the veterinary practice: “Me & my furry patients 3D” is a new development and care simulation for the Nintendo 3DS available in the Nintendo eShop. This is where up-and-coming vets can treat their feathered and four-legged favourites and make them well again.

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Life with Horses 3D

TREVA Entertainment publishes “Life with Horses 3D” for the Nintendo 3DS in the Nintendo eShop. In the game players renovate their own riding stables, look after their personal horse and care for cute little foals. Together with ride-outs, stable work and horse care, all kinds of strategic decision-making await our young equestrian fans.

My Baby Pet Hotel 3D

“My Baby Pet Hotel 3D” offers plenty to enjoy. From today animal besotted hotel owners will be able to spoil and stroke their baby animal charges and even train foals on a lunge line – all in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system.

My Little Baby 3D

In “My Little Baby 3D” players find themselves lovingly caring for their sweet little treasure in ultra cute 3D graphics. After selecting the parents, just as in real life, chance then decides the look and sex of the child. And then when the time comes and the baby arrives in the home, that’s when the varied and sometimes hectic parenting life begins.

My Pet Vet 3D – In the Country

My Vet Practice 3D – In the Country” presents a whole host of exciting tasks and caring fun for junior vets in this involving care and development game. Deer, lambs, dogs, cats, rabbits, budgies and horses are all visiting the Nintendo 3DS for the first time with a wide range of illnesses and injuries to be diagnosed and treated. And it is down to the player alone to decide which animals they treat and how they invest the money they have earned.

Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

My Zoo Vet Practice

Icon Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

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Ein unglaublich wildes Abenteuer!

Was tun, wenn die Giraffe Halsschmerzen hat

oder der Pinguin fiebert?

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