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dtp young becomes TREVA Entertainment

Hamburg, October 2012 – From now on the games publisher dtp young entertainment GmbH from Hamburg will operate under the name TREVA Entertainment GmbH.
TREVA was the name of an ancient settlement located close to where the river Alster joins the Elbe, now the site of modern day Hamburg. TREVA enjoyed an advantageous position at the crossroads of important trade routes linking northern and southern regions. “This is why we chose the TREVA name, we are located in Hamburg and see ourselves as a hub acting for national and international trading partners across the games industry”, offers General Manager Thomas Baur in explaining the choice of the new company name.


Following its foundation in 2006, dtp young entertainment GmbH became a successful publisher with many of its titles selling into markets all over the world. TREVA Entertainment will continue this strategy. The company will also be developing new business segments such as advertising games along with online and mobile. In addition to market-leading animal care simulations for kids, the portfolio contains labels for girls and casual games for all ages on all major platforms.


The rebranding simultaneously marks a further stage of development as TREVA maintains its success and competitive edge, responding to changes in the games industry with new concepts and ideas for different platforms. “Our new name and our new logo mark the start of the development of new business segments”, comments General Manager Freya Looft.

About dtp young, now TREVA Entertainment:
TREVA Entertainment came into being as dtp young in 2006. The Hamburg based company publishes popular child, youth and family themed titles for console, PC, online and mobile platforms.
At the heart of the dtp young/TREVA portfolio are its own internationally established series labels ‘Horse & Foal, ‘ANIKIDS’,  ‘Classics To Go’ and ‘J4G – JUST FOR GIRLS’. Also, standalone titles like ‘Just SING!’, the world’s first ever karaoke game for the Nintendo DSi™, and ‘Dance! It’s your Stage’ featuring  Detlef D! Soost belong to its core business. Selected major international licenses such as ‘Emily the Strange™’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model™’ complete the publisher’s offer.

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