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The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes: Quiz & Play!

Release Date: available

Genre: Party Game

Certificate: 12


Party fun guaranteed!


Who makes the better driver, are all women shopping maniacs but completely hopeless when given the almighty barbecue tongs?

Dance! It's Your Stage

Release Date: September 2011

Genre: Dance Game

Certificate: 3


The stage is shrouded in dry ice, spotlights gradually focus on the centre of the stage, the curtain rises and with your first move a fantastic show explodes around you: his is your performance!

Dance the hottest moves using the Wiimote, Nunchuk and Balance Board. You will be dancing with the best in the world alongside the star coach.

The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes

Release Date: December 2010

Genre: Partygame

Certificate: 12


With this minigame collection it’s up to the player to settle the eternal battle of the sexes. Do men have superior parking skills but lack multitasking abilities? Are all women shopping maniacs but completely hopeless when given the almighty barbecue tongs? In “The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes” the player is able to banish these gender stereotypes forever or find the grain of truth in them.

My Riding Stables – Life with Horses

Release Date: March 2009

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3


The Riding Stables at Mill Creek are mere ruins, but you are about to change that: stables, riding hall and guesthouse are being renovated and guests will happily pay for their stay. Your earnings will help you to build a new breeding stable and soon cute little foals frolick on the pasture with their moms.

My Pet Hotel

Release Date: January 2009

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3

A lot of exciting tasks and different pets are waiting for you!


You will be in charge of caring for each little fosterling personally. The playful little pets will need a lot of attention when running around lumbering.

My Vet Practice

Release Date: November 2008

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3


Do you dream of being a vet doctor?
This dream can now come true. Build your own vet practice, manage the upgrade of buildings and set priorities regarding the treatment of your patients: every day people come to you with their animals, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, cats, dogs and even horses.

Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

My Zoo Vet Practice

Icon Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

Die neueste TREVA-App:

Ein unglaublich wildes Abenteuer!

Was tun, wenn die Giraffe Halsschmerzen hat

oder der Pinguin fiebert?

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