A new addition for the Nintendo 3DS with “My Little Baby 3D”!

Today is the day when the “My Little Baby 3D” simulation from TREVA Entertainment comes into the world for download in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system. Right from the word go there’s nothing stopping the fun and games with the cute little infant – and not only for experienced mothers and fathers.


Hamburg, 7th November 2013 – In “My Little Baby 3D” players find themselves lovingly caring for their sweet little treasure in ultra cute 3D graphics. After selecting the parents, just as in real life, chance then decides the look and sex of the child. And then when the time comes and the baby arrives in the home, that’s when the varied and sometimes hectic parenting life begins.


The little sweetie laughs joyfully at the players and they have to do everything to make sure that the child wants for nothing and that they thrive and grow bigger. Doing all this means there are plenty of jobs to do, giving baby regular baths, feeds, changing diapers, playing with them or going shopping. Following all this activity there is of course no small need for a yummy bottle feed. Using the Nintendo 3DS system’s motion control, which is used in various mini-games, this is no problem at all: The console is tilted to one side like a bottle until the bottle is drunk dry and a beaming smile can be seen right across the little darling’s face.


Once rocked gently to sleep, peace can return at last – but then soon enough, baby is back from beddy-byes and a whole range of amusements have to be found to keep them occupied. Then it really gets exciting when the little terror becomes a toddler and slowly but surely gets to stand on their own two feet.


Players can also use the Augmented Reality feature to even have their family addition in their own hands. Simply place the AR card on the surface of the hand or any other flat surface and the little cherub will appear on the Nintendo 3DS screen contentedly lolling about, waiting for the player to entertain them. 


All of this, plus a huge selection of toys, clothing and other items will make your baby the happiest bundle of joy in the world!


Key Features


  • Super-cute 3D graphics with over 100 true-to-life animations
  • Using the Augmented reality support, baby can be taken to play on the player’s hand
  • The awesome Nintendo 3DS system’s motion control acts in rocking baby to sleep, feeding and plenty more
  • The microphone can be used to teach baby their first few words
  • Bathing, feeding, diaper changing, playing in the garden – things are never boring with a child to care for
  • Huge selection of toys, clothing and lots more
  • Use the camera function to take pictures of your little treasure


My Little baby 3D” for Nintendo 3DS is available right now at $29.99 / €29.99 in the Nintendo eShop.

To visit the virtual marketplace, players should look in ‘System Settings’ for an ‘Access Point’ in their locality and then use this to make an Internet connection. The game can then be easily downloaded from any location.


The game has been developed by Raylight, Italy.


Download artworks and more on our Press Server


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