All the fun of the farm on the Nintendo 3DS™: “My Life on a Farm 3D”

The new simulation from TREVA Entertainment in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS is all about getting down to work on a proper farm:the players harvest fruit and vegetables, produce and sell their own food products and also look after lots of adorable farm animals.  

My Life on a Farm 3D

Hamburg, 11th December 2014 (NOE) / 27th November 2014 (NOA)

– TREVA Entertainment GmbH is publishing a 3D farm simulation for the Nintendo 3DS. In “My Life on a Farm 3D” players will get to know all about life in the countryside.


And there is plenty to do: on the big farm there are any number of animals that have to be taken care of. There is a host of mini-games in which the young farmers can milk cows, shear sheep, carry out forestry work with the donkey, harvest honey, gather eggs from the hen house, go fishing and even go searching for truffles with the pig! Of course along with that comes the feeding, cleaning up and the treatment of sick animals – all of the daily tasks that are part and parcel of farm life. The farm’s stalls can be progressively expanded in order to be able to accommodate more livestock.

To till the fields, players drive a tractor which is steered using the Nintendo 3DS tilt and motion control. There are also fruit and vegetables to be harvested.

The young farmers have a farm shop to run where they can sell all kinds of home-made goods. Players have access to over 100 recipes for bread, cheese, cakes and much more to produce stock for the shop.

My Life on a Farm 3D” supports the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad control. The game also uses further Nintendo 3DS features: Play Coins can be collected and exchanged for game currency, while the Nintendo 3DS camera can be used for players to take a real 3D picture of themselves to then use in the game.

Key Features


  • Accurately detailed farm setting in a large 3D world
  • Numerous animals:Cows, Sheep, Donkeys, Pigs, Fish, Bees, Hens, Ducks and Geese
  • Fun mini-games:tractor driving, harvesting fruit and vegetables, fishing, truffle hunting, gathering hens’ eggs, milking cows, collecting honey and shearing sheep
  • Steering the tractor using tilt and movement control
  • Over 100 recipes to produce own products
  • Own farm shop to sell home-made products
  • Comprehensive business component:buy animals, feed and medications, expand the animals' stalls, sell products.
  • Supports control via the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad
  • Collect Play Coins and exchange them for in-game currency
  • Innovative 3D photo feature:Players take their own 3D picture and then use it in the game



 "My Life on a Farm 3D" is available right now at $ 19.99 / 29,99 € in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

To visit the virtual marketplace, players should look in ‘System Settings’ for an ‘Access Point’ in their locality and then use this to make an Internet connection. The game can then be easily downloaded from any location.


My Life on a Farm 3D

Platform:                              Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DSTM

Genre:                                  3D Farm Simulation

Target Group:                      Kids 7+

Price:                                    $ 19.99 / € 29,99

Release:                              November 27, 2014 (America) / December 11, 2014 (Europe)

Rating:                                 E (Everyone)

Publisher:                            TREVA Entertainment GmbH

Developer:                           Independent Arts Software

Languages:                  English, French, Italian, German



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Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2011 Nintendo.

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