Pets Paradise Resort 3D

The player assumes the role of a novice owner of a hotel resort for pets. As a newcomer in this business, the player starts with a small resort as he tries to gain more experience and clients to expand the resort to a larger and more luxurious one.

The focus of the game lies in the expansion of the resort. The player has to enlarge his client-base in order to buy new buildings, better equipment or new items for the animals.


Furthermore, the player will be challenged to take good care of the animals and to spend the money earned with it wisely.


Key Features


  • Extensive pet care and strategy simulation
  • Maldivian-like island setting
  • 14 funny mini-games (e.g. massage, teaching tricks, pedicure)
  • Hours of gaming fun
    • Intensive use of the new Nintendo 3DS features:
      High resolution graphics: “FurShader” for extra fluffy pets!
    • StreetPass mode: Who is the best pet hotel manager?
    • Exchange statistics and accessories with your friends!
    • Realistic 3D effects


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