„The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes – Quizz & Play!“

Following on from its huge success on the WiiTM, the battle of the sexes is set to cross over to another platform in the shape of  „The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes – Quizz & Play!“ for PlayStation®3 and Wii. By means of gripping contests like Car Parking and Multi-Tasking and a thrilling TV show, players can find the answer to the burning question: At the end of the day, which is really the weaker sex?


Hamburg 16th March 2012 – Can women steer their cars perfectly into the next parking space, and can men possibly make toast and boil soup while also washing dishes, feeding the dog and having to answer the door? What is actually going on with the stereotypical role clichés?  In „The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes – Quizz & Play!“ players can have done with the tired old prejudices and really prove just who is wearing the trousers. dtp young entertainment brings the decision right into German living rooms with this potty party game on WiiTM and PlayStation®3.

Single players, or up to ten party players step into the roles of ten sympathetic characters, such as the sex bomb It-Girl Rosalie, or the gorgeous tanned and sporty Wesley as they duel it out in exciting games. The games will also have players getting physical thanks to the new control options offered by Playstation®Move, the Wii Remote™ Plus controller or the Wii Balance Board™. Saving the ball in football penalties, mastering the precise steps for the catwalk, sawing through mighty tree trunks in no time at all, or rocking babies to sleep. There are 25 mini-games in which players can dispel all the usual clichés… or maybe simply confirm them? And for players to prove they’ve also got some brains, there’s a TV Quiz Show mode, with more than 500 questions on wide-ranging themes like sport, movies & TV, geography and history.


„The Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes – Quizz & Play!“ for PlayStation®3 and Wii is available at 39,90€ / 29,99€. 


The titles have been developed by FAKT Software in Leipzig, Germany, and Neopica in Gent, Belgium.

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