“My Foal 3D” – the quick way to horse ownership

The successful horse game “My Foal 3D” is available right now as a download version in the Nintendo eShop. In no time at all horse fans can now anytime and anywhere get a cute little foal on their Nintendo 3DS™, and devotedly set about caring for their new charges right away.

Hamburg, 22nd March 2013 – Your very own foal – this is the dream to set many a horse fan’s heart racing. And for those who would like to fulfil this dream as quickly as possible, they can now download “My Foal 3D” from the Nintendo eShop right away. No sooner has this been done, then the Nintendo 3DS™, with a little help from the game and an Augmented Reality card, can magic a happy snuffling foal right into the real world.

From the popular Haflinger to the particularly rare Ukranian Tersk, there are 26 different breeds waiting to share happy hours with their new owners. And there are eight mini-games in which they can show that there is a horse whisperer hiding in them all. Holding the console in their hand and then turning on an axis, the animal protégés can, with the help of the motion sensor, be trained on a lunge line to keep them fit and healthy. There is also show jumping amid an idyllic landscape available too. A short run-up and powerful push off from the ground – and before you know it, the hurdle is cleared in a high arc. Graceful dressage as well as amusing tricks expand the repertoire of leisure activities and which thanks to the three dimensional portrayal, work as though the fun and games are happening right here in the real world. With a little imagination players can also almost feel the soft coat beneath their hands and the animals’ warm breath on their skin. With so much interaction the new owners will soon get to appreciate that the Haflingers, Friesians and co. all have their own individual personalities and funny little ways. While many of them will have a sweet tooth for any treat on offer, others will simply love to wallow happily in the sand. Then it’s time to get out the curry combs, brushes and shampoo and groom those foals until they positively gleam! Lovingly cared for, the young horses can then be entered into a beauty contest in StreetPass™ mode where they can complete with others on any other Nintendo 3DS nearby. Then we’ll find out whose coat is the softest and who’s got what it takes to be the top champion!

The Nintendo 3DS game “My Foal 3D” is available right now at €29.99 / £24.99 in the Nintendo eShop. To visit the virtual marketplace, players should look for an ‘Access Point’ in their locality in ‘System Settings’ and then use this to make an Internet connection. The game can then be always easily downloaded from any location.


Key Features

  • 3D horse simulation with wonderful graphics
  • Augmented Reality feature: Using the Nintendo AR card and the Nintendo 3DS camera, a foal can be brought from the screen and projected into the real world
  • 26 breeds of horse from       Andalusians to Tersks
  • Up to 20 foals in players’ own stables – each one with its own personality characteristics
  • 8 mini-games such as Washing, Feeding, Jumping hurdles, or Lunge rein training, each with 3 difficulty levels 
  • StreetPass™ function: beauty contests with other players’ foals activate further in-game extras


Please find images and further information on our press server.




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