A girlhood dream from the Nintendo eShop: “Riding Stables 3D – Rivals in the Saddle”

There’s neighing and the clatter of hooves in the air. Because on the 20th of December TREVA Entertainment publishes its Nintendo 3DS™ game, “Riding Stables 3D – Rivals in the Saddle” for the eShop. So for the first time, horse fans are now only a download away from starting out on their riding careers.


Hamburg, 17th December 2012 – Taking riding lessons, or owningtheir own horse – dreams like these have long been the heart’s desire of many young girls. And those who up to now have had to miss out because the nearest stables was too far away, or the money simply wasn’t there, or an allergy made it impossible; well on the 20th of December their dreams can be filled virtually – thanks to the Nintendo 3DS™ game “Riding Stables 3D – Rivals in the Saddle”. Quickly download the game from the Nintendo of America eShop and let the adventure begin! Thanks to the unusually wide scope of the game as well as the three dimensional presentation which gives the animals a totally realistic look, young riders will really get their money’s worth, and whether at home or traveling, they will still be able to enjoy their most favorite hobby.

With hard work and passion any one of them can work their way up from being a stable hand to becoming a successful equestrian sportswoman. Everything starts out at Mother Erica’s farm. This is where the players will get to grips with feeding, watering and also grooming their charges. And after they have proved themselves as trainers using lunge lines, throwing games, or practising tricks, then comes their big moment: They are nominated as a reserve rider and prepare for the big tournament, the winner of which will receive the coveted neighboring stables.

They will receive their own horse, which they can choose from out of 26 breeds. Now they have to complete the program consisting of jumping, an obstacle course and even archery from the saddle. The 3D graphics and first person perspective make for the creation of a real competitive atmosphere.

The augmented reality feature serves up a particular surprise: The Nintendo 3DS conjures up the player’s seemingly true to life horse on the augmented reality card that comes with the system. So, what are you waiting for? Mount up and let’s go!

The Nintendo 3DS game “Riding Stables 3D – Rivals in the Saddle” will be available on the 20th of December at $29,99 in the Nintendo of America eShop. In order to enter the virtual market place, players can find a local ‘Access Point’ in ‘Game Settings’ and then use it to establish an Internet connection. Following on from this, the game can then be searched for and downloaded. Of course this process means that there’s no packaging that has to be tidied up in children’s rooms, nor taken along when travelling.


Key Features

  • Exciting horse sport mini games: Show Jumping, Horseback Archery, and many more!
  • Appealing story with 30 different quests.
  • More than 15 characters giving the player tasks to fulfill and helping to become a horse expert.
  • Including realistic motion and gyro sensor controls.
  • Show jumping mini games with first person view.
  • Extensive StreetPass mode: The player is able to compare results of show jumping mini games with horses of her friends and other players
  • Augmented Reality feature: The horse magically appears in front of the player.


Please find images and further information on our press server.




Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2009 Nintendo.

Please find images and further information on our press server

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