“Pets Resort 3D” – now pets can be pampered on the move

“Pets Resort 3D” for the Nintendo 3DS™ published today by TREVA Entertainment via the Nintendo eShop, gives players a luxurious wellness oasis for high society’s posh cats and dogs. As the head of this exclusive wellness hotel, players can now spoil their guests from nose to tail.

Hamburg 14th March 2013 – Right on time for the Easter break, and although luggage space for games can be tight, an exciting and entertaining diversion has to be a welcome asset for any journey to a holiday destination. “Pets Resort 3D” from TREVA Entertainment perfectly fits the bill – now being released via the Nintendo eShop. The Nintendo 3DS™ game comes without any kind of packaging and can be quickly downloaded anywhere, anytime. Boredom on those long journeys can now be banished for animal lovers both young and old, as they take pleasure in pampering those pets.

In “Pets Resort 3D” players become the manager of a chic animal hotel where they greet cuddly velvet-pawed pussy cats and barking bundles of fun as their guests. Among these are four popular dog and cat varieties, such as Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers, Maine Coon and Siamese. The newly promoted hoteliers conjure up a top class all-round wellness programme for them, including grooming treatments, a modern veterinary practice, as well as premium accommodation. A total of 16 treatments and activities leave nothing to be desired. Tibbles rolls on her back, revelling in the aromatherapy, or begins to purr as she feels the cosy warmth of the sauna. Bonzo keeps in trim with a swim and chills out with a little acupressure. And throughout the game, the three dimensional graphics lend an especially real effect. This impression is further reinforced by the practical all-round view which means that the cats and dogs can be petted and looked after from all sides.

Together with all of the soothing petting and wellness treatments, organisational skills are called for too. Because ordering food and extending the facilities, as well as purchasing new accessories, like balls and brushes and grooming consumables, is also a part of the job. And so step by step the small animal retreat becomes a glamorous pampering palace.

“Pets Resort 3D” for the Nintendo 3DS is available right now in the Nintendo eShop, priced at 29.99 € /
24.99 £. To visit the virtual marketplace, players should look for an ‘Access Point’ in their locality under ‘System Settings’ and then use this to make an Internet connection. The game can then be easily downloaded from any location.


Key Features

  • Cute 3D animal care and management simulation in a sunny island setting
  • The impressive 3D effects bring the players up close to the animals
  • Special fur shader gives the animals coats a fleeciness like never seen before
  • 4 dog breeds: Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Husky and German Shepherd
  • 4 cat breeds: Siamese, British Blue, Tabby and Maine Coon
  • 16 mini-games such as, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, pedicure, sauna, fetch, treadmill and water gymnastics
  • StreetPass™ function: Exchange of statistics and accessories with other players


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Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2011 Nintendo.

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