Available in the Nintendo eShop right now: “Cats and Dogs: Pets at play”

Today TREVA Entertainment is publishing its cute pet care sim “Cats and Dogs: Pets at play” for the Nintendo 3DS™ in the Nintendo eShop. Hours of engaging play await the players, with exciting agility competitions, going walkies and plenty of affectionate stroking and cuddling opportunities.

Hamburg, 11th April 2013 – Pet ownership should be thought through carefully. Is there enough time to care for it? Is there enough space for it to run around? Who’s going to look after the new family member when the holidays come around? These questions and plenty more like them all have to be addressed in advance. For those who don’t want to wait so long and who would like to give a home to a cute virtual pet right now, they can now get along to the Nintendo eShop and download “Cats and Dogs: Pets at play” right away.

This will then deliver Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Maine Coons, British Short Hairs and co. into the caring hands of their new young owners. As soon as they catch a glimpse of their new owners, they rush up to them, all leaping and full of fun. This is where the three dimensional animations seem so true to life, as though the cute creations are about to leap through the screen.

The cuddly companions can be selected from among four dog and four cat breeds. And together with their pets the young players then move into a cool villa, a truly spacious pad fitted out with trendy furniture and décor. This is the ideal place for having a wonderful time together; playing ball, grooming their coats or simply cuddling. With 16 mini-games in total, the young pet owners will develop a close connection with their animals, nurture their talents, keep them clean, feed them and much more. And to ensure there’s plenty of varied activity, from time to time there are thrilling challenges, such as the obstacle course. Barely a moment from the start being given and it’s off over bridges, through long tunnels, then skilful navigation through the slalom poles and finally a streak to the finish line. With a little training, feeding and care, the little protégés can even win themselves a place on the podium.

The 3D function delivers a further highlight feature: Lay out the Nintendo AR card and direct the console’s camera at it, and Bonzo or Tibbles will appear as if by magic.

The Nintendo 3DS game “Cats and Dogs: Pets at play” is available right away for €29.99 / £24.99 in the Nintendo eShop.

The game has been developed by Neopica, Ghent, Belgium.


Key Features

  • 3D feature: Realistic and extra cute look of your pets through fur shader
  • Special 3D effect: Look at your pets from different angles (360° view)
  • Integration of gyroscope: Allowing the player to go for a real walk with his pets (recognition of movement)
  • StreetPass mode: Exchange accessories with your friends and treat them with some nice gifts!



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