Saddle up: “My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team”

As of today equestrian fans can enjoy some great new exciting experiences with their four-legged friends, because “My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team”, the continuation of the successful Riding Stables story, is available in the Nintendo eShop right now.

Hamburg, 07 May 2013 – leaping hurdles in an instant, hair flowing in the breeze – moments like these sum it up for equestrian fans who know that life’s true joys can be found riding on horseback. But what about those who may be far away from a stud farm, at home or maybe travelling somewhere, and who still want to feel that riding stables atmosphere? Now they can be taking part in some exciting competition or just be having a wonderful time with their dream horse wherever they are, with the experience being brought to them by the Nintendo 3DS™ game “My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team” from TREVA Entertainment.

In this the second part of the popular game series, players return to Mother Erica and her ranch where friends Nathan and Lucas, and that rather mean girl Pamela are waiting with some shocking news. Because Erica is struggling to cover the costs of veterinary services and some expensive new acquisitions, it looks like she’s going to have to sell the farm. An unscrupulous banker meanwhile is seeing this as a rather fine business opportunity; he wants to grab the property for himself and turn it into a hotel. But the young riders are not going to let themselves be sold off quite so easily. A grand equestrian tournament has been announced at just the right time. By organising it and then winning its handsome prize money, the stud farm could be saved. But just as the first qualifying rounds begin, Nathan’s horse suddenly becomes poorly, suffering from some mysterious illness. Now the question is: Can the farm still have a future despite this setback?

Now on a real mission, the riding team draws closer together, working feverishly on making its plan a success. In addition to all this players can choose from more than 26 horse breeds, such as Haflingers, Lipizzaners and co. to find their favourites with which they can then begin training. First of all the daily schedule begins with feeding, grooming, lunge rein work and medical care of the stud horses – not forgetting lovely opportunities for all that essential love and affection. Then in a short while it’s time to mount up for show jumping, an obstacle course as well as archery from the saddle – all on the way to the hoped-for tournament victory.  
The Nintendo 3DS game “My Riding Stables 3D – Jumping for the Team” is available right now for €39.99 / £34.99 in the Nintendo eShop.

The game has been developed by Artefacts Studio, Lyon, France.

Key Features

  • Exciting riding stables story in lavish 3D comic style graphics
  • 13 mini-games incl. Tilting and Movement control: Lungeing, Obstacle Course, Mounted Archery and plenty more.
  • New mini-games with a focus on equine health: treatments for the coat and massaging
  • A large range of portrayal possibilities for the player’s own horse 26 breeds (e.g. Haflinger, Lipizzaner and many more) gender, colours of coat, mane etc.
  • Augmented Reality feature: bringing the virtual horse into reality. 
  • StreetPass™ function: share results with friends and release cool extras


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