Thrilling puzzle fun anytime, anywhere with ‘Mahjong 3D Essentials’.

With the Nintendo 3DS™ game ‘Mahjong 3D Essentials’ from TREVA Entertainment appearing the Nintendo eShop today, thrilling, fast puzzling fun has now become just one simple download away, meaning that puzzlers can get playing in no time.

Hamburg, 5th September 2013 – And this is where skill, patience and brains all come into play! To become a Mahjong Master it’s all about solving lots of tricky puzzles and meeting the exciting challenges on the Chinese board. Downloading the game from the Nintendo eShop onto the console is simple and easy – it saves space too, taking up no room at all in your travel luggage.

The beautifully crafted Mahjong tiles lie over and next to one another. The game boards enthral with their breathtaking backgrounds, illustrated with temples, green fields and imposing Buddhas, all in the Chinese style. The new three dimensional presentation means that the tiles are particularly easy to see from a range of different perspectives. This lets players quickly immerse themselves in another world. Welcome to exotic China!


Players now have to find two of the same tiles in order to clear the board. But look out! Tiles can only be selected if at least two of their sides are free. The board is won when all of the Mahjong tiles have been cleared.


Although sounding simple at first, this game will all too soon have players under its spell. The question of which tiles should be removed first and which later of course requires a clear head and strategic skill. Ever more new challenges, new boards and a total of 70 levels in the various game modes of ‘Easy’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’ make for plenty of exciting playing fun. There is also a level editor which effectively means that the variation is never-ending as players construct their own boards. These can then also be exchanged with other players using the Streetpass™ function.



  • 70 enthralling levels - Easy Medium and Hard
  • Level Editor: Create your own Mahjong boards to enjoy unlimited playing fun
  • Lose yourself in the breathtaking 3D graphics and exotic backgrounds



‘Mahjong 3D – Essentials’ for the Nintendo 3DS is available right now in the Nintendo eShop, priced at €2.99. To visit the virtual marketplace, players should look in ‘System Settings’ for an ‘Access Point’ in their locality and then use this to make an Internet connection. The game can then be easily downloaded from any location.


The game has been developed by Engine Software, Holland.


Please find images and further information on our press server.



Nintendo 3DS is a trademarks of Nintendo. © 2011 Nintendo.

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