Games for the Nintendo DS™

Witches & Vampires – Ghost Pirates of Ashburry

Release Date: March 2012

Genre: Role-playing

Certificate: 12


Experience a new mystical adventure in Ashburry! After their victory over the black vampire Abbadon, the three siblings Aluna, Ruby and Dariel go their separate ways. But when the vampire Gerald makes a pact with the banished Ghost Pirates, a new danger emerges! What mischief does he have planned… and what secret surrounds Allan, Aluna’s great love?

Lost Identities

Release Date: July 2011

Genre: Adventure / Hidden Objects

Certificate: 12


An exciting mystery thriller guaranteed to keep you in suspense!
Teenagers are disappearing without a trace, only to reappear with new personalities. FBI agents Derek and Alice begin their investigation and are soon caught up between the government, FBI, and pharmaceuticals giant BioPharmaka. Time is running out...

My Vet Practice in Australia

Release Date: March 2009

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3


Your dream has come true: you have your own vet practice in the Australian bush! You are a vet in charge of your animal station in the Australian Outback. Take care of tiny, helpless, baby animals and reunite them with their mothers.

My Pet Hotel 2

Release Date: August 2008

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3

A lot of exciting tasks and different pets are waiting for you! You will be in charge of caring for each little fosterling personally. The playful little pets will need a lot of attention when running around lumbering.

My Best Friends – Cats & Dogs

Release Date: March 2007

Genre: Simulation

Certificate: 3


Sure, because this is a pet care game where puppies and kittens can be taken care of and be given loads of training as well. You are responsible for the sensitive upbringing of your pet: you decide on the food, the composition of training courses, the grooming and decoration.

Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

My Zoo Vet Practice

Icon Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

Die neueste TREVA-App:

Ein unglaublich wildes Abenteuer!

Was tun, wenn die Giraffe Halsschmerzen hat

oder der Pinguin fiebert?

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My Little Baby!

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