Dance! It's Your Stage

The stage is shrouded in dry ice, spotlights gradually focus on the centre of the stage, the curtain rises and with your first move a fantastic show explodes around you: this is your performance!
You will be dancing with the best in the world alongside the star coach. Select one of the six available characters, style your avatar using around 300 accessories and start out on the small stages and gradually progress to perform at eight spectacular venues.
Use the cool dance routines to show off your skills as you dance to 20 tracks that have been created exclusively for the game: from rock to pop! Besides Career mode, where you play your own success story, you can start right away in Quick Start mode or learn new dance steps in the training room, always accompanied by detailed appraisals of your performances.

In Multiplayer you can play with up to 4 players and dance against your friends, and you’ll soon be looking down at your rivals from the top; the stage is yours!

Key Features

  • 8 different stages with 2 upgrades each incl. themes like Bollywood, Yacht, Heliport 
  • Dancing: Simple yet innovative and pulsating dance controls
  • Supports PS3 Move, PS3 Controller and Dance Mat
  • 6 different player characters
  • Magic Move – special Move to make a big impression on the audience 
  • Extensive style options: around 300 items of clothing 
  • Exciting and beautiful particle and lightshow effects for feedback and atmosphere 
  • 20 different music tracks especially produced for this title with 20 modern choreographies
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 friends


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