Cats & Dogs – Pets at Play

The player will experience the ownership of a pet. The game play focus is on caring, so creating a bond with the pet and keeping it in a good state, as well as on the competition mode.


The player needs to make the pets happy, clean and agile and teach them tricks. The pet should really trust and respect the player. Furthermore, the player must take part in competitions, collect items and unlock areas.



Key Features

  • 2 gameplay parts
    • Taking care of the pet: keep the pet in good health and take it to the vet for dental cleaning or a vaccination; care for food, drink and cleanliness of the pets
    • Competitions: the player needs to train its pet so it can participate in different competitions (agility course, swimming, fetching, sound memory, etc.)
  • Realistic and extra cute look of your pets through fur shader
  • Special 3D effect: 360° view
  • StreetPass™ mode
  • AR feature


Meine Zoo-Tierarztpraxis

My Zoo Vet Practice

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